Still getting insect bites?

Citronella has been a popular insect repellent ingredient. While this essential oil works wonders to protect you and your child from mosquitoes, it is not enough to repel other insects. So if your child is still getting red itchy lumps take it as a sign that you need something more. More doesn’t always mean higher dilution rate of Essential Oil that emits stronger scent. It means a combination of more appropriate oils at a safety dilution level to increase protection. Sometimes simple citronella blend insect repellents even have stronger scents. This means high dilution rate of this essential oil has been used and can be harmful to skin. Always check the smell of your insect repellents. If smell is too strong even for you then take it as a precaution. Children 10 years old and below should not be given essential oils at more than 3% dilution. We will share more Essential Oil Safety for Children so do keep yourselves posted. Natural is always a best choice for our children but still take safety precautionary measures to maximize nature’s powerful benefits. Anything “sobra ay hindi maganda”. When trying out new products, always do a patch test on your inner arm or under your ear to test for any allergic reaction to certain substances.  Safety should be your number one priority. Till next, mommies!

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