8 Ways to Get Amazing Skin with Grapeseed Oil

Grapes – the juicy, delicious grapes are not only best for making wine but is also best for the skin, hair and health; particularly its oil.

So what is Grapeseed Oil?

Grapeseed oil is extracted from the seeds of grapes, typically wine grapes. While grapes are one of the most popular fruits in the world, just about everyone throws out their seeds, but experts say those seeds may actually be the healthiest part of the grape. The seeds are loaded with powerful antioxidants and natural plant compounds known as oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes, or OPCs.

Restore Youthfulness

OPC’s inhibit enzymes that break down collagen. Proanthocyanidins help collagen repair. The breakdown of collagen is what causes our skin to lose its elasticity which in turn causes wrinkles. Proanthocyanidins help keep skin elastic, smooth and wrinkle-free.

It also works as internal sunscreen by inhibiting the daily effects of sun’s rays on our skin. OPC’s are our best defense against the aging of our skin. You may now bid goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles when using grapeseed oil as its full-powered antioxidants will fight the aging away!

Flawless Skin with Acne Away

Grapeseed oil contains high linoleic fatty acid that strengthens the cell membranes and improves the overall quality of your skin. Regular usage of grapeseed oil prevents clogging of pores thus making it effective in curing acne and pimples at the same time prevent acne outbreaks.

This oil will also leave your skin soft, smooth and well moisturized and is also recommended for people with sensitive skin since its application is free from any allergic reaction.

Dark Circles No More

Since grapeseed oil has no harmful substances, it can also be applied on dark circles around your eyes. Simply apply a few drops of the oil to the area underneath your eyes with your fingertip, regularly.

Oil for Oily Skin

You have an oily skin but no acne; you put so much powder and still oil gets in the way? With grapeseed oil, you can get rid of that shiny forehead in no time. Grapeseed Oil is known to be light to touch which is why it will never leave the skin with heavy oil. It will actually moisturize the skin, balance dry and oily spots and when used as a toner, it can infiltrate blocked pores and purify breakouts.

Spar with Scars

Due to good amount of essential fatty acids, Grapeseed oil effectively heals and minimizes the size and appearance of scars.

Works as Moisturizer

Grapeseed oil won’t leave your skin greasy and fatty but will actually leave it well moisturized making it smoother and healthier. It also works best when used as a night serum to help you wake up the next morning with a natural glow.

Strengthened Skin

Grapeseed oil contains natural astringent properties which results in skin toning and skin tightening.

Wear that Hair

For people suffering from slow hair growth, grapeseed oil contains essential nutrients that help hair grow faster and nourishes the hair and scalp with its Vitamin E, minerals and linoleic acid.

Being an excellent moisturizer, Grapeseed Oil will also kick those flaky, itchy, irritating dandruff away!

Grapeseed also strengthens hair, a good hair conditioner compared to those chemically infused conditioners found in the market and is most recommendable to sensitive hair and scalp.

Have an amazing skin with Grapeseed Oil and you will never have to worry going out with oily, unhealthy and damaged skin! Go out there with brimming confidence!


Pour a few drops of grapeseed oil on your hands and rub your palms together. Massage in the upward direction till it gets absorbed completely into your now oil-free and super soft skin. Go ahead and see for yourself with  Oil of Me™ Grapeseed de luxe Oil.

Cheers to amazing skin!


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