3 Most Useful Wedding Favors

While love transcends all time, wedding favors have evolved into more useful tokens and giveaways.  What used to be little figurines, bells and other decors given as wedding favors that more likely will just add up to guests’ dusty collection of tokens…Many couples now prefer functional and useful but created in style favors to remember their special day.

Every season and every year, useful wedding favors are getting more popularity and are often sought after by the practical couples-to-be.  These three wedding favors are on the top list that will make your guests smile and more than happy to take them home.  Go ahead and see if that’s might just be what you are looking for.



I bet this may be your first time to see lip balm as wedding favors or at least didn’t think of this idea before. Wonderful? Well sure it is! Who wants to have cracked, chapped lips on your wedding day, right? After all, it’s the wedding kiss that’s most awaited by all.   Men and women will both get to enjoy these lovely favors.  It is fun and creative the way it should be as weddings are meant to be fun! There are several themes that you can choose from. Am sure, there’s a lip balm favor that is just right and will complement your wedding theme may it be vintage or not. Now what makes these lip balm favors all the more oozing in appeal?  It is 100% natural with no synthetic fragrances or ingredients and are freshly made. Most of all, it is handcrafted with LOVE – what weddings are truly meant for.



Surprised?! Don’t be. Outdoor wedding is a common theme as it provides a glorious backdrop and a wealth of decorating inspiration and all natural views. But you don’t want those mosquito and other insect gatecrashers bothering your guests! These insect repellent favors will be a great treat and can be used by guests even during  the event.  Now you can relax and be assured that everyone is safe and protected. This amazing oil favor is not only an insect repellent but also an ant warder and anti-rash.  It’s even a soothing oil for insect/ant/”higad” bites.  And yes, you don’t have to worry as this is 100% All Natural with no harmful chemicals, synthetics, deet, parabens or even mineral oil.  Isn’t it great? So you can go ahead and just enjoy the blessings of your day.


Peace and Calm is everything a bride can hope for on the “big day”.  Nothing provides that feeling  with a Massage & Bath Oil Favor. It sends an ambiance of relaxation and serenity.  Massage Oil is a favorite wedding favor that your guests can indulge with.  It can be used as a bath oil too. This Massage Oil Blend uses sunflower oil as base and essential oils for its scent. Scents can be customized according to preference and depending on availability of essential oils.  This is a great favor to take home with together with their fun memories of your wedding day.  This is  a perfect blend, indeed.

perfect blend

Bottom line is, it is your wedding day. Share more than just a piece of token…

Share Happiness. ♥

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