Weddings are meant to be FUN! So make it one. 

This peppermint lip balm will spice up your wedding with its minty flavor.  Truly, life will find its way for two people that are “mint” to be.  ü

This lip balm is prepared with shea butter for a moisturized and supple lips ready for that perfect wedding kiss. ♥ For “butter” or for worse…

This Shea Butter Lip Balm is a wonderful giveaway to remind your guests that no matter how vast the universe may be, there is one “Butter Half” that our heart will seek.

In a lifetime, there is one person you want to grow old with and share every moment of laughter, or tears…who will walk beside you for the rest of your life. ♥

When the love spells magic on you…You just got to Bee-lieve. Made from all natural organic beeswax, this lip balm favor will add a tint of happiness to your wedding. ♦

This is love’s perfect equation that will multiply your guests’ smile.

♥ 25-49pcs              Php 120
♥ 50-99 pcs             Php  99
♥ 100 pcs & up       Php  89

♦ 4g All Natural Lip Balm with Lip Balm Ring
♦ Personalized Lip Balm holder
♦ Personalized Label Sticker
♦ Free Shipping within the Philippines as our gift to the couple


♠ Just Message us for any other special requests. 🙂

For orders & queries: SEND US A MESSAGE on any of these

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Here’s some other options!

VINTAGE 05    bachelorette


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